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When it comes to your car, you want the absolute best for it. That’s why you should be sure to keep up with regular maintenance so that your car stays in top shape. Here are some reasons why you should service your car with Stephanie Morris Nissan of Durango.

Saving Money
When you service your car regularly, you end up saving money because you have the potential to stop problems before they happen. If you don’t take your car in for service, problems might build up until they become extremely costly to repair.
Plus, if you service at the dealership, you know that you’re not getting “scammed.” Other garages might up-charge you on things or might use faulty parts when repairing, but at Stephanie Morris Nissan of Durango, prices are predictable and consistent.

Vehicle History
Bringing your car in for regular service helps build a record of your vehicle history. This is like having a medical history. Seeing what your car has been through in the past might help you or the mechanic “diagnose” problems in the future.
The best way to establish a consistent record of vehicle history is to take your car to the dealership for service. Stephanie Morris Nissan of Durango will keep a detailed record of your visits so that they can refer to it every time you bring your car in.

Longer Life
You want your car around for a long time, right? Regularly servicing your car will dramatically improve its longevity. When you bring it in for annual service, it serves as a “check-up” to keep your car going strong.

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To assure the best service to prolong your vehicle’s life, take it to your dealership. At Stephanie Morris Nissan of Durango, specially-trained Nissan service technicians know exactly how to handle your car, since they know Nissan inside and out. Plus, they’ll use only Nissan-certified parts so you know that your car is getting top care. Visit us today in Durango, CO near Pagosa Springs, Denver, Bayfield, Cortez and Fort Collins. We would love to help you with your vehicle service needs.

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