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Nissan’s lineup of value-driven vehicles possesses numerous cutting-edge safety technology innovations that set the brand’s models apart in safety and utility. Our customers are always asking us about new Nissan Technology and we wanted to make sure that everyone shopping online also knew the great things Nissan offers. Some of the most innovative features in Nissan’s vehicles include:


Nissan Technology Blind Spot Notification testBlind Spot Warning: Your car recognizes when a vehicle is approaching from behind and alerts you with light and sound notifications in case you don’t see them in the adjacent lane.

Lane Departure Warning: By recognizing roadway lines and markers with a camera, your car will alert you when you drift outside of the designated lane without your turn signal.

Moving Object Detection (MOD): To help you avoid collisions with pedestrians in parking lots, the car uses cameras to detect hazards or obstructions when your car is at low speeds.

Around View Monitoring with Park Assist: Using a combination of computers, you get an enhanced bird’s eye view of your car and any surrounding obstacles when you park.


To see all of these Nissan Technology and Innovations, check out the vehicles at Stephanie Morris Nissan of Durango in Durango, CO near Pagosa Springs, Denver, Bayfield, Cortez and Fort Collins.